the new silicone smooth patch & the silicone vagina patch


Plain nude vagina patch $100.00 ea.    They come in Skin color with pinkness of the vagina $300.00 per pack





Both Patches are a thin silicone skin like in the shape of a patch form that you apply to your groin over the gential area with skin color silicone liquid adhesive that dries to the skin in 12 minutes.  They are applied to a shaved upper area of your skin then pulled down over your penis covering your penis and testicles to lower shave area in back of your testicles (near the anus).  It stay in place until you remove it by peeling one side/edge.  It's not harmful to the skin.

These patches are for drag queens, transvestites, transgender to be, trans-sexual, cross-dressers etc that want to have the appearance/look and feel of a real female vagina or between the legs for the smooth patch.  The patches come plain/smooth or a vagina shaped patch that looks like a vagina with a small openning to give that feel/illusion of having a vagina.  They are silicone base patch forms .  Plain or vagina shaped.  If you have a large wasit with very large hips/thighs please request larger patch, also pay pal order form for this. Put in subject line: Large waist and hips, then give height, weight and hip size in email.  The vagina patch come plain fair skin color, nude or tan skin color.  Thanks

Smooth Patch 3 in a pack $180.00

Please specify skin color:

They come in nude, tan, brown and dark brown, also includes text instruction for putting it on.  Optional, video/cd showing a model putting one on.  $20

Request CD

Also included in the package is the silicone adhesive, the same skin color as the purchased patch.  The patch can only be worn once or no more than two time because the adhesive will peel off of your skin but not come off of the patch making it build up and become too thick to blend into your skin for a 3rd wear.


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The members area shows live model being trasformed and a demostration of the procedure.