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Hi folks.  Just imagine, having your own shop selling your label on your own custom made shoes.  Shoes that match an outfit, a belt, a hand bag or lingerie.  Once you learn how to make these creations, the skies the limit.  There's a demand for learning these techniques and the prices will be going up.  Get in on having your own orginals. 

Here's your chance to learn hands on, designing, making the patterns, cutting, sanding, shaping the bottoms, assembleing the upper part, buying supplies, creating your own label designs etc.  Classes are now $3,600.  This is a great opportunity for those business people who want to put together a fashion collection with their own labels and their own boutiuque shop in their own area.  Make an appointment to come here to the states and for 45 days to 2 months you'll learn the trade including setting up a small operation.  You will also learn how to use an awesome software to create new designs in 3d.  No more pencils and stacks of paper.  You'll learn how to setup an online operation to sell your fashions.  For more information contact me at Mr. James Designs or Mr. James Shoes you can also call me and talk to me, you must join membership area to get phone number.  Thank you.



You will learn these styles above.  You'd learn to cover these bottoms in leather and put leather upper vamps on them, how to design and cut wood bottoms, making Steel Heels, designing the tops, assembling the shoes, cover them, also you'd get a list with information of manufactures/suppliers.  I'll also show you how to setup an online selling operation.  This would be a great opportunity to have an exotic shoe maker in your own city, state or country. 

A special note, do not concern yourself with the numbers of days of attendance, 15 days, 45 days or 2 months.  You are welcome to return and do classes over at no charge.  You will learn or continue until you understand completely.  You will not be left incomplete or unknowledgable.

What you will get at start time of class (these items are for you to take home) You will use my materials at location.

1 pair of lasts

A pint can of barge cement

1 leather skin

1 linning leather skin

1 block of wood

1 12x12 insole material

12x12 rubber soleing material

A DVD of your work and process of making a pair of heels

A folder with names/address of suppliers

A list of what equipment is needed 

Payments taken thru paypal.  If you don't have paypal, then join it's free and it's safe.  With paypal all information is checked out and verified, plus your money is guaranteed to be paid back if anything is fraudulent.  Enrollment: $3,600.  To Register: you must pay half in advance.  $1,800 in advance and the balance when you show for class.  Class is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 2PM at noon to 4PM.  Once you learn enough about making samples, you can stay longer or to closing time and partisipate in making samples or watch samples being made under supervision.   

I will suggest some places of residence if you are out of town or from another country.

Also the price of $3,600 would be waived if you purchase Shoe Factory In A Box.  You would still learn the complete class.

Mr. James Designs

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